Q&A: Changes with Lisa Goodwin-Allen

We’re in the midst of much change at the moment, from the changing seasons to ever-changing Covid guidelines. Our Executive Chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen talks us some her key changes over the last few weeks.

We’re moving firmly into Autumn now, what’s changed on the menus?
All the menus have changed to reflect the Autumn season and the abundance of ingredients that are available now.

What do you most look forward to when autumn comes?

Working with the seasons and produce at its best, like creating the Pigeon dish on the menu. In my mind I can see this dish on the plate with local beetroots, packed full of flavour, but looking elegant and provoking Autumnal feeling when its presented to you.  Autumn brings me a new palate of ingredients, flavours and colour that are not available in the warmer months – root vegetables, game, mushrooms, onions, apples and pears and much more that add a completely different character to the dishes I create.

Lancashire has seen changes now we’ve moved into Tier 3 – how has Northcote adapted?

We are definitely becoming experts at managing change and adapting that’s for sure! We had already implemented a set dining time in the evening, so all guests can enjoy their experience up to 10pm. Lunch is very busy with two restaurants open – Northcote restaurant and The Louis Roederer Restaurant, so social distancing is not a problem. We now have the restrictions for Lancashire and have lost some bookings, however this is the time for people of Lancashire to enjoy their own county.
Click and Collect is booming, I’m over the moon with the feedback and delivery nationwide launches Friday 6th November.

How are you coping with the restrictions personally?

Well, you just get on with it! Teddy Ray is at school and there are definitely challenges for parents. Then we have our new member of the family…our dog Frank, he’s my new shadow and keeps us all smiling!

What exciting changes are coming next?

Dare I say it… Christmas! Menus are done and bookings are coming in…no-one is  going to stop Christmas! I just hope families can get together. I’ve had a heavy filming schedule the last few weeks, so watch this space!
Obsession 21 is going ahead, we have almost all the chefs confirmed for 15 nights! We will launch in November with the full details.