Obsession 20: An event like no other!

Obsession 20 saw the biggest and best event in its 20 year history – with world-class chefs and one-off collaborations making the platinum anniversary a real culinary spectacle.

Take a look back over the stunning dishes and highlights from this year’s celebration of incredible food & wine.

Sublime Desserts

The show-stopping puddings created for this year’s signature Obsession menus.

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Obsession in Numbers

Ever wondered what it takes to host an event like Obsession? We’ve done the number crunching!

• 1,889 Obsession guests looked after
• 11,757 plates of food served this year (& washed up after)
• 99 different dishes served at Obsession19

• 4,722 glasses of Champagne were enjoyed from 787 bottles
• Wine from 17 countries was served
• 54 different grape varieties
• 47 regions represented in our Obsession wines

• 24 world class chefs
• 21 Michelin stars this year
• Chefs from 7 countries

More from Obsession 20

Stunning Seafood

Obsession chefs took inspiration from the coast to produce incredible fish and seafood courses in their menus.

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Making Friends, Making Memories

Obsession brings chefs together, learning new skills from each other & developing friendships that last a lifetime.

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Since Obsession began

• 213 Obsession nights enjoyed
• 173 chefs have cooked at Obsession
• 32 countries have been represented by Obsession chefs
• Chefs have travelled from 5 continents
• 32 countries represented by Obsession chefs
• Seated over 20,393 Obsession guests by the end of Obsession 20
• Over £200,000 raised for Hospitality Action

Over £50,000 raised for charity

We’re so proud to support our industry charity Hospitality Action. Thanks to our generous Obsession guests we raised over £50k to help those who have fallen on hard times or have suffered an unexpected illness.

This takes our Obsession fundraising total for the last 20 years to over £200,000!


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