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Apprentice Joe has it covered

Posted in on 12th Oct 2018 by Northcote | Leave a comment

When Joe Gibson, 21 began his horticulture apprenticeship at Northcote six months ago, he probably didn’t expect to become front page news.

But that’s exactly what happened when Burnley College’s apprenticeship scheme Themis were on the hunt for their latest success story!

The latest magazine edition of Themis Careers features a six page story all about Joe, who is currently  learning on the job with Bees, Trees, Flowers and Peas. The company, owned by Phill Dewhurst is responsible for the entire kitchen garden project at Northcote.


Joe is one of several apprentices currently gaining vital experience at Northcote. Our relationship with many education providers in the area is an association we’re proud to be known for. We’re passionate about training the next generation in whichever field they are interested in, from the kitchen to front of house and, in Joe’s case, the garden.

In the piece, Joe explains how his travel experiences sparked his passion for sustainability and opened his eyes to a career in horticulture.


“I travelled to Ecuador to volunteer on a conservation and I worked in an alternative health sanctuary in Portugal where terminally-ill people went to seek alternative health care. My job was to help with crop growing and maintenance of the grounds.”

His daily responsibilities at Northcote are hugely varied from beekeeping to putting up fencing; whatever is required to maintain the gardens and their inhabitants. And as with the gardens, Joe is equally passionate about sustainability and self-sufficiency. The gardens not only grow high quality produce which is used in the kitchen by chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen and the brigade, but also creates an environment for nature to thrive using intricate biodynamic processes to achieve the best possible results.


Northcote’s Head Gardener Phill Dewhurst who oversees Joe’s apprenticeship said he was delighted to see him featured.
“I’m pleased for Joe that’s he’s appeared in print. Horticulture is still an undervalued profession, but with the support of Northcote, we have a platform to educate the public on it’s vital place in the world.”

Joe’s apprenticeship is a two year placement, which, if successful will lead to a permanent role with Phill, training future apprentices and passing on the skills he has learned.

Whatever path he chooses, the future certainly looks sunny for Joe.

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