The Courtyard Dairy is a small, independent cheesemonger in Austwick, near Settle, North Yorkshire.  Owners Andy and Kathy Swinscoe know the stories behind all the cheeses they sell.

The Cheese Tasting Experience

Experts from The Courtyard Dairy will enlighten you on the cheese making and ageing process, and of course the most important part the tasting! They will bring a plentiful supply of their favourites and explain how the unique flavour profiles are achieved for each cheese. From soft cheeses to hard varieties and blue, their suppliers are hand-picked and only the very best as your group will be treated to a masterclass in cheese.

From £160 (& vat) for a group of 12

All the cheeses available at The Courtyard Dairy are given a magical touch of special maturing, learnt first-hand from working for the most famous cheese-mongers of France and England.  Each cheese has been selected to be one that ‘wows’.

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