Northcote plays host to many events, from the world renowned Obsession every January to special wine events, cookery classes, guest chefs and more.


Obsession is Northcote’s annual homage to the finest food and wine, established as one of Europe's premier gastronomic events. Each chef challenges themselves to produce a unique Obsession Menu. Each dish is meticulous in construction and a feast for all the senses.

Obsession 2018
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The Cookery School

The Northcote Cookery School is one of the UK's top culinary schools offering inspirational cookery courses from the heart of Northcote's Michelin star kitchen.

The Northcote Cookery School offers a variety of culinary courses, led by Northcote’s Head Tutor Bruno Birkbeck & Junior Tutor Emma Lawson or a visiting guest chef.

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The Cookery School

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