Bruno Birbeck – Head Tutor

Bruno has been part of the Northcote family for over 20 years. His career has taken him to such respected establishments at The Torridon in the Scottish highlands, Hipping Hall and The Samling in Cumbria, where he helped lead the team to achieving their first Michelin Star. From the days of Ribble Valley Inns where he was Group Head Chef, Bruno now runs our popular Cookery School.

Bruno’s style of teaching is unique: don’t be fooled by how informal the setting is in the Cookery School, the skills you will see and learn to reproduce have been honed over many years under the tutorage of some of the UK’s most well-known and respected chefs.

His years of experience in some of the UKs top restaurants make him the perfect person to guide you through the courses with his friendly humour, extensive knowledge and unique phrases that keeps many students returning to course after course.

Northcote is very lucky to have such an experienced and welcoming person to head up this amazing venue.