Scenic Drives in the Countryside

Handpicked local drives created specially for Northcote visitors to help you discover the area.

There’s so much to explore in the Ribble Valley and Forest of Bowland so we enlisted the help of our walking guides Bob and David to take to four wheels and devise a driving tour.
Taking you directly from Northcote in a circular loop, you can be introduced to the delights this often overlooked part of the country has to offer. You can select just one or two stages of the drive, or if you choose the total loop, the distance is 45 miles and the estimated driving time is just over 2 hours. However, we recommend taking your time to discover our local hidden gems.

Do not rely on your phone’s sat nav to guide you, as some of the areas on the route are rural and you may lose signal. Always carry a good map with you and familiarise yourself with the route before you set off.