January Winter Gourmet Box

15th, 22nd, 29th January, 5th February

£105.00 per box
Lisa’s 4-course January Winter Gourmet box includes Northcote’s famous Lancashire Cheese Loaf and four Hand-Crafted Chocolates.

Northcote Cheese Loaf with Butter
Allergens: G D N V (Traces of nuts from the suppliers)

Cedar Plank Chalk Stream Trout
Warm Tartare Sauce, Black Lemon
Allergens: S D F Cr

English Onion “French Style Soup”
Black Cow Cheddar Cheese Toastie
Allergens: D G A S

Waterford Farm Salt Aged Beef, Marrowbone Crust
Smoked Pancetta and Mushroom Bourguignon, Beef Fat “Chip”

Spiced Chocolate, Hazelnut, Lime
Allergens: G D N

Hand-Crafted Chocolates
Allergens: G D N

cooking and serving instructions

Wine Recommendations

Managing Director Craig J Bancroft MI has suggested the perfect match to accompany the stunning dishes from Lisa’s winter gourmet box.

Matched with Cedar Plank Chalk Stream Trout: Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs 2014 Kent
This wine is fresh with great cleanliness, bright acidity and as it is British, it fits well with this great British combination of fine ingredients. In fairness, any bright, fresh white wine will be perfect with this dish.

Matched with English Onion “French Style Soup”: Malmsey 10 Year Vinhos Barbeito
A rich and voluminous wine with great balance. You only need a glass but it is an an amazing drink.

Matched with Waterford Farm Salt Aged Beef: Douro Quinta do Crasto, Reserva Old Vines 2014
 Rich red wines are a great match with this dish so you have a huge amount of options. What you need to focus on is the smoke in the marrowbone. Portugal really hits the spot here, especially the wines of the Douro Quinta do Crasto, Reserva Old Vines 2014 which would be a perfect foil.

Matched with Dessert: Cordon Cut Riesling, Mount Horrocks, Clare Valley
This dessert lends itself to a fresh style with a clean palate. It’s certainly not a robust dessert style as the layers are very delicate.
Riesling of the more subtle nature will work superbly, as would a demi sec Champagne. My own particular favourite would be Cordon Cut Riesling from Mount Horrocks, Clare Valley.


A – Contains Alcohol
Cr – Contains Crustaceans
D – Contains Dairy
E – Contains Eggs
F – Contains Fish
G – Contains Gluten
M – Contains Mustard
N – Contain Nuts