Northcote’s Nigel Haworth on The Secret Chef

Posted in on 21st Mar 2017 by Northcote | 2 Comments

In the last of the four-part series, Britain’s worst cooks are set to be transformed into impressive gastronomes, to the utter astonishment of their family and friends.

Each week someone with minimal cooking skills will have just five weeks to learn and prepare a show-stopping restaurant meal, taught in secret by a top chef. The trainee’s family and friends will be invited to a restaurant at the end of the show, unaware that the food they are eating is entirely the work of their loved one, who previously struggled to boil an egg.

Each secret chef has one close friend to help them with the burden of keeping their mission under wraps, whilst providing a kitchen in which to practise their culinary skills.

In episode four, we meet single dad, Steve. A loving father but a useless cook. After years of kitchen catastrophes he’d like to surprise his daughters and parents, and it is down to chef Nigel Haworth to show market trader Steve how it is done.

The Secret Chef airs 21st March on ITV1 at 8.00pm.


  1. Phil Baxter says:

    secret chef, onion soup recipe please.

  2. Julie stevenson says:

    I’ve loved watching this series because I love cooking. And to watch what can be done with people that can’t cook is great, especially the one with Steve and Nigel Haworth. Steve and is family are really lovely

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