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Now autumn is truly upon us it’s time to harvest the honey and check all is well in the hives for the coming winter months.

Despite it having been a particularly wet and moody summer it was a delightful surprise to find that all three Northcote hive colonies have flourished and produced larger than expected honey surpluses. Between the three hives we were able to harvest 14 kilos of top quality honey whilst still leaving adequate stores for the bees to overwinter with. Although we are still only in our first year of transition to full Bio dynamic garden status I believe the Bio dynamic techniques and applications that we have been implementing have gone a long way to ensuring this year’s successful honey yield. In addition, we are also happy to report a significant increase in our bean, plum and apple crop yields as a consequence of the bees industrious pollination activities. Gratifyingly it’s absolute evidence of a successful garden development strategy that integrates the whole garden management and production plan.

Whilst it is not possible to accurately identify the principal nectar constituent of the honey, experience leads me to believe the light but complex flavour and the clear golden colour are principally composed of early currant, vipers buglos and borage forage supplemented with late summer / autumn Himalayan balsam.

The harvested honey is now in the kitchen after its first stage filter and this week following a second fine filtering process will see it ready for use. I can’t wait to sample what Executive Head Chef Lisa and her team will create with this fantastic Northcote produced ‘wonder food’.

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