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Lisa inspires students at careers event

Posted in on 19th Nov 2018 by Northcote | Leave a comment

Westholme School invited executive chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen to speak at its second Beyond Westholme event. 

The evening, which took place at Northcote at the Rovers brings together current and former students for nspiring conversations focusing on career paths and interests.

After an official welcome from Westholme Principal, Mrs Horner, Lisa Goodwin-Allen delivered the keynote speech. She talked about how hard work, perseverance and enthusiasm as ingredients for success and how often the journey takes twists and turns which often seem difficult to overcome.


Lisa herself had not set out to become an award winning chef, but with a willingness to seek out opportunities and a determination to fulfil her potential, she has succeeded in doing just that and is continually working to meet even higher challenges.

The students also had the opportunity to talk to alumni and gain useful advice to help them progress on their chosen path.

Lisa’s passion to encourage the next generation of chefs makes her a fantastic mentor to the apprentices who work alongside her in the Northcote kitchen. Our apprentice programme supports young chefs to build their skills and knowledge while gaining real work experience to give them the best start in their careers.

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