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The Autumn Tasting Menu

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There’s always an extra special buzz on new menu day, starting with the kitchen and echoing throughout the dining room and across the whole team. Creation of the new menu began months ago as Lisa developed the individual dishes, starting with the ingredients and working her way through each carefully crafted element, making subtle improvements until the perfected, balanced plate of food makes it onto the menu. Her autumn tasting menu takes some of the finest seasonal ingredients and adds a modern and regional twist, in true Lisa Goodwin-Allen style.

008- Autumn Menu(Northcote) (05-0918)

The tasting menu begins with beef sirloin which is aged for three months to intensify its flavour, then hand cut and seasoned with salt, olive oil and homemade tomato relish. The beef is partnered with a roasted celeriac disc and pureed celeriac, horseradish cream and a beef fat and caper brioche with smoked marrowbone and parsley to complete the dish.

016- Autumn Menu(Northcote) (05-0918)

Next, west coast scallop sits on Lisa’s re-invention of a clam chowder. The clams are cooked in pancetta, shallot, garlic and white wine, finished with cream, chervil, butter and clam juice. A yuzu gel provides a contrast to the delicate scallop with confit potato, puffed pork skin, scallop roe powder and a chervil garnish.

023- Autumn Menu(Northcote) (05-0918)

This artichoke dish, with it’s deep amber hue really celebrates the vegetable, with no less than five artichoke elements: poached artichokes, artichoke jelly, artichoke cream, artichoke foam and crispy artichoke skins are paired with black truffle jelly and winter truffle crumbs for an indulgent finish.


Next is a plate which will take you on a journey from Cornwall to Northcote’s apple orchard without leaving the dining room. Cornish turbot is slow cooked with salt and lemon oil and involves three cooking processes; steaming, roasting and scorching to bring out the best flavours of the fish. A watercress emulsion has a mayo-like texture and bathes the diced, fresh Granny Smith apples. An apple reduction is added along with watercress juice, watercress oil and wilted watercress, with grated walnut on the side.

042- Autumn Menu(Northcote) (05-0918)

It wouldn’t be an autumn menu without the inclusion of a wonderful game dish. This red leg partridge breast is pan fried and the skin crisped up, then minced leg meat goes into the bolognaise sauce with shallots, garlic pancetta and thyme. Pickled girolles, sweetcorn custard and hen of the woods are added, finished with a flurry of mushroom powder.

034- Autumn Menu(Northcote) (05-0918)

The tasting menu is rounded off with an Eccles cake as you’ve never seen or tasted before. Grape puree and currant puree sit alongside frozen Muscat grapes and frozen tea custard. Sitting atop are caramelised pastry shards and as you cut into the Eccles “cake” which has a grape glaze you will find a currant puree centre.

£85.00 Per Person

Wine flight by the glass
£62.50 per person

This menu is designed for leisurely dining and is to be taken by the entire table.

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