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Garden Tours


Northcote launched its ground-breaking biodynamic garden project in 2016 and as well as receiving high praise from the experts in its annual inspection, the scheme is reaping rewards in the Northcote kitchens as bumper crop after bumper crop is plucked straight from nature’s larder for use in the hotel’s award-winning cuisine.

Managed by Head Gardener Phill Dewhurst & team, the ever changing landscape which surrounds the Northcote site is a treasure trove for horticulture lovers. If you've dined at Northcote or enjoyed a drink at the bar, the chances are you've already sampled at least one element of produce grown in our wonderful gardens.

The Garden Tour

Individuals and small groups can enjoy a tour of the Northcote greenery. You'll be welcomed into the shed for a cup of herb tea as Phill enlightens you on the purpose of the gardens (it's not only about supplying the kitchen with fresh produce!)
Meet the Northcote Black Bees and discover the pond life as you learn more about how all the different aspects of the garden work together.
From delicate herbs to perennials to soft fruit orchards, there are hundreds of different varieties to discover as Phill talks you through some of the more unusual ones. Visit the urban cultivator and find out how technology plays its part in providing top quality produce too.


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