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Types of Courses & Experience Levels


  • Premium courses: Exclusive, run by Lisa or a guest chef
  • Skills & Technique courses: On these courses, the emphasis is on learning a skill or specific technique
  • Entertaining courses: Customers will be creating an impressive 3, 4 or 5 course menu, ready to take home and enjoy
  • Themed courses: Homely food for everyday cooking, following a specific theme

Experience Levels


“Not just for the beginners in the kitchen but also for those wanting to discover new flavours and techniques. With no previous experience of cookery expected, this type of course will teach you the fundamental skills and techniques required to build your confidence and knowledge. With time dedicated to explain the basics, we will concentrate on techniques and help you understand the “why’s” as well as the “how to’s”. Only equipment found in most domestic kitchens will be used on these courses.”



“If you are an enthusiastic home cook who likes to be adventurous and entertain, look for the intermediate courses for inspiration. We will enhance your competence and confidence in all areas of the kitchen and help you fine-tune your techniques. You will be quite familiar with common cookery concepts such as baking, basic knife skills, frying and grilling and able to follow a recipe. No other special skills are required as we’ll teach you everything you need to know. You may be using equipment you haven’t come across before.”



“Our advanced level courses are aimed at those wanting to learn how to cook to a fine-dining level. We will concentrate on more intricate cookery techniques with a strong focus on refining your palate and presentation skills. There’s less time to explain the basics so you should be a confident cook, be comfortable to work at a faster pace and already have good knife skills. Dependent on the theme of the course some experience of basic butchery, fish filleting, sauces, baking and pastry making is desired. You may be working with professional equipment rarely seen in a home environment.”

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