What is it?

It is a one year intensive training programme run alongside working in the business. This development plan is designed to take you through all the competencies that have been identified as being essential in the role of a manager. The aim being that at the end of the programme you will be capable of undertaking a management role. Competencies are split into sections and will have either work based, on the job training or specific experience or course elements to them. These can range from WSet, health and safety courses to in-house financial training or on the job instruction. Your position at the end of the programme will depend on your progress on the course, your performance and availability of positions.

Aimed at:

Deputy GM’s, Assistant GM’s, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Graduate Applicants or current employees who have shown aptitude.

If you’re interested in finding out more, send us an email detailing why you feel you’d be a suitable management trainee.