Lisa & Wellocks at Home bring fine dining experience to the Nation’s Tables

A newly-launched ‘virtual’ dining experience gives Northcote fans the opportunity to create a Michelin star meal at home.

Lisa’s New Gourmet Menu

Discover the dishes on the new 5 course summer menu by Lisa Goodwin-Allen

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Northcote will open on Wednesday 29th July

I am absolutely delighted to confirm that Northcote will open on Wednesday 29th July. The team will be ready to welcome you and bring Northcote back to life. We cannot wait!

PODCAST: Northcote’s First Podcast available now

The first episode has just been posted – listen to it here!

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VIDEO/RECIPE: Curried Lamb & Rosemary Bites

A simple BBQ addition which packs a spicy punch. The chillies can be adjusted to suit.

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RECIPE/VIDEO: Lancashire Cheese Soufflé

This light and tasty cheesy cloud can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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RECIPE: Northcote Ginger Biscuits

rnight guests at Northcote are treated to these in their bedroom. Now you can now enjoy baking and eating these at home!

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VIDEO/RECIPE: Blackened BBQ Salmon with Charred Garden Leeks

A simple yet very tasty addition to any BBQ spread.

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RECIPE: Muffins

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, these muffins are a must!

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RECIPE: Northcote Lancashire Cheese Bread

A firm favourite among restaurant and cookery school guests alike, now you can make your own!

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