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Chef Patron, Northcote

Nigel Haworth, not only showcases his own gastronomic brilliance at Northcote, but sets the benchmark for fine dining across the UK. Nigel is now approaching his 30th anniversary at Northcote, with business partner Craig Bancroft, displaying an instinctive understanding of his region and a cultivated awareness for diners’ needs.

Trained in his native county Lancashire at Rossendale Catering College, from there he embarked on a culinary journey which would take him to Switzerland, Gleneagles and the Grosvenor Hotel London, before returning to Lancashire to take a lecturer role at the same college he studied at. 1984 he was offered the Head Chef at Northcote, Ten years on and Nigel was celebrating Egon Ronay Chef of The Year Award, one year later a Michelin Star followed, successfully retained ever since.

In recent times, Nigel has appeared regularly on television, shows such as Saturday Kitchen; Market Kitchen; Paul Hollywood’s Pie & Puds, also making a winning appearance on the popular Great British Menu series in 2009.

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Nigel Haworth

Matthew Fort

“What can you say about this man that hasn’t been said a hundred times before? He’s the Godfather of food, not just in the Ribble Valley but also throughout the North West. He’s resent being called a grand old man. Ok, not so old, but grand in the best sense of the word – guide, mentor, guardian, angel of produce and producers. Nigel is acutely aware of the latest developments in kitchen techniques and technologies, but he’s not a culinary revolutionary, thank heavens. Every Nigel Haworth dish comes to the table in properly evolved, carefully developed , ready to be eaten and enjoyed. When you eat a Haworth dish you realize how clever, how sophisticated and how much thought has gone into the dish. He start with fabulous ingredients, in which this part of the world is extraordinary blessed, many would be here, but for his championing of them. He may go back to classic treatments. He may turn to the latest piece of wizardry, but the effect will always be beautiful, beguiling, masterly, and, above all, fabulously edible.”

Nigel's Obsession

The Obsession festival is unique in the UK, with top chefs appearing year after year at Northcote. “The formula is simple, chefs cook what they want, it really is about them expressing themselves for one night on the plate. There is nothing in the food world quite like Obsession, it’s a feast in every sense of the word, a celebration of food and wine.” Nigel comments “I am so proud of what we have created, the Obsession event every January is a special time at Northcote for the visiting chefs; the staff and most importantly, our guests, who make Obsession what it is."

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Nigel Haworth

Obsession 16 Cook Book

A stunning, glossy, beautifully presented book

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Nigel Haworth

Recipes to try at home

Download some of Nigel's signature dishes to try at home, including his award winning Lancashire Hotpot recipe.

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